Maximizing Productivity: Reducing Screen Time Without Sacrificing Accomplishment

Concerned about excessive smartphone usage after looking at your latest screen-time stats? Some phone use is essential, but repeated actions add up. Google Assistant Routines and Apple Shortcuts app are free choices that might help by condensing several actions into a single command or tap. Here’s how to begin.

Google Routines
If you want a customized audio briefing to help you ease into the day, Google Assistant for Android or iOS makes it simple. Download the app if it isn’t already installed, then open the Google Assistant settings by voice or by tapping the Settings icon. Routines makes suggestions for various scenarios, such as work-from-home days or routines to play music and adjust your smart thermostat when you get home. To begin, press “Set up routine” on the one you’re interested in and modify the actions.

Apple Shortcuts
Apple’s Shortcuts app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac allows you to combine separate actions into a single script and has become simpler to use over time. To view created shortcuts, tap the Gallery icon, add a shortcut to your collection by tapping the + button on its tile. Once you’ve set up Shortcuts, you can trigger a shortcut by tapping on it or asking Siri to run it.

Create your Custom Shortcuts
In case an existing shortcut does not exist, you can generate your own. For instance, instead of manually going through the steps needed to call a group of friends, you can create a shortcut to do it for you. Then, to call everyone in the group, you can save the shortcut to your home screen.

Though Shortcuts and Routines won’t solve a significant smartphone addiction, they can help decrease screen time and save time in the future.


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