Why You Should Never Drink And Drive

For many, understanding why drinking and driving is bad isn’t so complicated. But others still drink and drive occasionally. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives in alcohol impaired driving cases.

If you’re also often temper to drink and drive, or you don’t consider this a bug issue, here are some of the facts which will help you learn why drinking and driving isn’t a good thing.

You Can Go Behind Bars

Many people can’t even imagine themselves being bars, and getting behind bars can be one of your worst life experiences as well. But you might go to jail after getting caught drinking and driving. Also, if you hit someone or damage a property (which is highly likely), you can get a longer prison sentence in addition to a heavy fine. The sentence can even extend into years of prison time of you end up causing a fatality.

Increased Insurance Premiums

A DUI conviction after getting caught drinking and driving can cause your insurance premiums to go up. That’s because insurance premiums are set according to your risk as a driver. So, a driver who is at an increased risk of accident must pay a higher insurance premium.

Driving under influence, or driving while impaired will lead your injuries stance company to believe that you are a high risk, send they will increase your insurance premiums.

You Might Lose Your Job

There are many cases in which a person convicted of drinking and driving got terminated from his job, and the same thing can happen to you as well. If your job involves driving, your professional license with also get revoked.

Chances of this happening increase even more if you’re employed by your state. So, become a safer driver by not drinking and driving.



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